Sleep. Weep. Repeat.

It’s like a birth but it is in reverse never gets better, always gets worse

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When sad songs aren’t long enough to enjoy
but aren’t good enough to listen to repetitively.


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Newest addition of shit I’m sure my mom didn’t hear me say or just ignored.

Mom: *points at the corner of my ceiling* There’s spiderwebs up there.
Me: I know, I put a spider up there yesterday.
Mom: Goodnight.
Me: Night.

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i will commit suicide at the very peak of our desperate love. so it will never get the chance to weaken or fade. and you will do the same only to immortalize our unified hearts. and so that every moment and memory will remain fresh in both of our minds. and this will be ours. forever like the stars.

Credit’s cool. Song by: I Wrote Haiku’s About Cannibals In Your Yearbook.

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Met this little geek in my bathroom trying to hide in a corner like a little nerd when I approached him. Tricked his silly ass into climbing onto me and blinded him on accident twice, put him in an old cobweb some other deadbeat spider left in the corner of my room, and told him he’s now responsible for eating any flies or bugs he sees.

Tomorrow looks promising.

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*wants to unfollow you but you just posted a selfie and I don’t want to hurt your self esteem*